Kap VX:12           Cap XV:12           Chap XV:12

This is a documentary about a woman, who happens to be a
prostitute, opening her heart. She never charges a dime for it.

Despite all the different worlds co-existing in society, the social
barriers and the economical boundaries, there are some characteris-
tics in the human condition that brings us together: our emotional

All humans organized their communities in families struc-
tured by the intensity and closeness of feeling, resemblance
of ideals, cultural identity and / or by dependence.

Undressed of our professional duties and hierarchical status, behind
the human circus where people exhibit the most bizarre aspects of
personality and sometimes are forced to be someone there are not,
we are all part of a family and we all have a preferred color.
Undress we are only heart.

What’s your preferred color?


The movie has being produced with independent resources and the lowest budget.
Money was raised, without any government or companies sponsoring,
only for the transfer tape to film and for the sound.

In process by transfer tape to film 35 mm